Creative Work

From prose, poetry, and photography, these are my explorations of the creative world.


Salive Bandages 09/15/18

I traveled the world to manifest
autonomy from you
I cut my hair
Tattooed my skin
Cut open my ears

But you were there

I traveled the world in search of independence
Blistered heels, bloody soles
I remolded and reshaped
My spine in two
I bent backwards in search of
All that was left, even lost in you

But you were there

I said my name twice, three times,
In my mirror,
The reflections of the passing cars
Calling it the way I was told

I kissed strangers in the dark
Sweaty bodies untangling as I retract
into the past

To never be what was
Where did my self control go
It ceased my body the moment you entered

The plants in me they whisper your name
Gardens cultivated from separation
Tilling soil, water the seeds,
Gentle besos on the wounds that
open again

But you weren’t there

To mend the cuts
the wreckage of a plane
Bandages made of saliva
Coma for 8 days
Island fever take me home

But you weren’t there

Boys don’t cry, they move forward
They forget
Gentle reminders inform the news

You weren’t there.


I Wait 09/10/19

I wait—
For a text, a call, an email.

Do you sleep alone these days?
Do your sheets still smell of me?

Cut open my ears

My sweat, my body, my breath...

When you dream at night do you think of me?
Of my skin, my touch…

Do you miss my touch?

When you look at the sun are you reminded of me?
Beach days,
Sandy toes,
Escaping to the trees.

Do you remember our words?
Promises of the future,
to uplift the past.

Do you feel me in you
Like you do to me?
Imprinted on my fingertips,
my mouth, my tongue,

Your sweat, your touch, your breath
Your touch, your breath, your sweat

The fruits of your garden
Nourishment runs dry.

I must tend to my own
The weeds are overgrown,
did you know they can look like flowers?
We can be flowers.

your flower, your growth, you’re late.


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